How do I submit a deposit?

Paint Social will need to align an artist and venue for your event. Once all details are in place we will forward a secure link request for your $100 deposit. Your event time & date will be officially secured upon payment.

What does Paint Social supply to all private parties?

In-Person Paint Social

Paint Social is a fully self sustained Painting Experience. Our artists are responsible for the setup & tear down of each event. The booked venue of choice requires a table space for each of the participants. Each space requires appropriate elbow room for each artist to paint freely. Our artists can and will provide protective table cloths & smocks. All responsibilities for setup, production & cleanup are in the hands of Paint Social.

Virtual Paint Social

The proper supplies will be needed for your virtual event. These supplies can be attained through a list that we can provide, or we can also offer the option of mailing a creative package pre-event (this option is dependent on how far out we book your event as it does take time to process & ship).

What are the general costs to host a private event?

In-Person Events 

10-20 people: $55 /person
20-30 people: $50 /person
30-40 people $45 /person
40-50 people $40 /person
50- 120 people $35 /person
120+ Please contact for quote.

*Additional travel costs may apply to anyone out of city limits.

Virtual Paint Parties

Please request quote.